Starting A Domain Flipping Business

What exactly is domain flipping? It really isn’t that complicated. The main idea is to register a domain name, and then sell that domain name at a later period of time for more money. You can make anywhere from $10-$1000 per domain name flipped. Of course, the thousand dollar flips are very rare, but getting flips that make a hundred or more are not uncommon.


The first step to starting your domain flipping business is to identify, and then buy, valuable domain names. Look for names that a company would want to make their website name. They should be short and key word rich. For cheap domain names you can try out GoDaddy. I think they offer a lot of good extra features too, but if you just do a quick Google search for “domain names” you can find many other sites, so look around for what works best for you!


Once you have a domain name you need to work on increasing the name’s value. The best way to do this is to start getting traffic to the site. This can be done in a variety of ways. The best (and hardest) way to do this is to get a ranking is the search engines. To do this you will need to make good, quality, keyword focused content pages on the site. After doing this for some time, you may be able to rank high on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Another great way to get traffic to your site is use article promotion. You can go to article submission sites, and include your domain name in your articles. This is much easier to get traffic started, but also has a lower potential of maximum traffic than ranking in the search engines.


Another way to increase your domain name’s value is to use domain parking. Domain parking is to simply fill your site with advertising links to other web pages. You should try and put advertisements on your site that redirect to sites that your visitors may be interested in. If you just put random ads on your website, nobody will click on them. Domain parking is a good way to increase your domain name’s value, and to make some extra money while you are waiting to make the sale!

Once you have a domain name, with at least some traffic, or some quality domain parking, you are ready to sell your domain name! A great place to put your domain name up for sale is Sedo.

After you have successfully completed your first sale, you are ready to start the whole process over again! The more times you do it, the bigger and more profitable your business will become!

If you would like to get a more in-depth review of domain flipping, then I suggest you purchase Domain Flipping By The Millionaire Society. It’s pretty expensive ($97), but if you really want to start a domain flipping business I would look into it.

I hope this article helped you! Have fun starting your very own domain flipping business!

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